hey! i hope you have been doing well, and that this autumn has treated you kindly :)

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i made a collection of just a few songs i have been enjoying this month/ music i recently got into- if you wanna know more about my taste in music or shuffle a playlist or two, check out my spotify (@/cheribaker68) :)))

alright, here you are!! let me know if you enjoyed

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the playlist

"heat wave" - snail mail
"pity party" - it's butter
"fool" - cavetown
"transient" - the blank minds
"dying in la" - panic! at the disco

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look how fusjding perfect he is tf

"why do you feel so down" - declan mckenna
"the last of the real ones" - fall out boy
"you should see me in a crown" billie eilish
"TEAM" - brockhampton
"my blood" - twenty one pilots

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"dance to this" - troye sivan
"choke" - IDKHBTFM
"idle town" - conan gray

thanks so much for reading :) please, drop some music you enjoy down in the comments or my dms!! i hope you enjoyed my playlistttt

much love,