So, everyone is always like "What are some good movies to watch on Netflix?" Well, me personally, have no life so, since I've started college, all I've been doing is binge-watching series and movies on Netflix. I',m gonna break these down into parts but here are my suggestions:

Se7en: Seven is an older movie, but it's so good y'all I swear. So it's about these two detectives, one being Brad Pitt and the other one being Morgan Freeman. So anyway, there's a serial killer murdering according to the Seven Deadly Sins. And basically they get super close to catching him but he keeps slipping away because he always has the upper-hand and is one step ahead of them. It's great, I give five stars.

What Happened To Monday: Basically, resources are scarce because of overpopulation so a new law comes about where people can only have one child, so you have to either hide ya kids, figure out which kid you wanna sacrifice, or just have one or zero kids at all. Well, a mother gives birth to seven identical girls and they all have to pretend that they are one person. They each leave the house according to their day---i.e. Monday leaves on Monday, Tuesday on Tuesday and so forth. Well all of a sudden, Monday disappears so the other 6 sisters risk their lives looking for her ass. Issa good movie, lots of plot twists.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before: Lara Jean is a regular-degular high school girl and she had a semi-normal high school life...Until...the love letters she's written gets sent out to all the boys they were about. It's like your usual high school love story, ya know? But it's good. I swear.

Kissing Booth: Another high school love story.. So Elle has never had a boyfriend, let alone a first kiss before. So she sets up a kissing booth for her school's carnival or homecoming or whatever it was. Anyway, you get blind folded and put on stage to kiss a random and these bitch cheerleaders tried to get her to kiss some disgusting guy. Her bestfriend's brother steps in and kisses her instead and it turns into a forbidden love.

21: A college professor forms an extra-curricular secretive group with his most intelligent students. Together, they form an elite team who counts cards and finesses casinos out their money.

Inside Man: If you're into crime movies, this is a good one about robbing banks. Basically, this group hatches a plan to rob a bank and when I say it's the perfect plan, it was perfect. But don't try it at home guys lol. And it has Denzel Washington in it, and any Denzel movie is great

Well, that's it for now! I hope you guys tune in for part two!!