Hey everyone! Hope you have a good day. Here are some tipps how to clean your phone.

1. Find a new Background.

This will make your phone feel more new and it's fun!

iphone, white, and phone image

2. Go through your camera roll.

Delete any useless pictures, Videos and screenshots to clear up space!

school, funny, and summer image

3. Delete and/or organize apps.

Delete the ones you never use, and maybe put some spps into folders!

road, iphone, and jump image

4. Go through your e- Mails.

A majority of People have thousands of unread emails which take up so much storage so clean it up!

5. Go throught your contacts.

You probably have numbers from People you haven't talked to in years, or don't remember, so delete them!

funny, hi, and you image

6. Try organizing your apps in different ways.

Try Color coding apps for an aesthetic vibe!

colours, iphone, and plus image

7. Go throught your text Messages or Voicemail.

Try deleting Things that are from a while ago to clear up space!

chat, ftm, and funny image

8. Create a new Voicemail message.

Your current one is probably one that your awkward self made a couple years ago so try changing it!

9. Go through your notes, reminders and Alarms.

You probably have a tone of useless stuff taking up storage, delete em!

alarm, be, and exam image

Hope you had fun.